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Invitation from Hainan International Tourism Island

Beautiful villages are hidden behind the coconut trees; flowers are blooming all around the year; tropical fruits are so fragrant and tasty; a coast of pearl extends for thousand miles. This is Hainan, a fantastic island that may guide you lost in your daydream.

The bright sunshine,fresh air, soft sand beach and gentle breeze from the sea make this incredible dreamy island the heaven for holidays. Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo is hosted by Hainan Tourism Development Committee,it is the best platform for you to display leisure tourism to the world.

Thank you for opening this invitation from Hainan, and it stands for the sincere invitation from Hainan International Tourism Island to the world. Besides, this good wish comes from 9.1 million Hainan People.

"Take a leisure journey and enjoy a slow life, the spring always lives in Hainan". You are kindly invited to Hainan for enjoying the beautiful coconut trees and blue waters and sky, and you are going to bath in the brilliant sunshine at 18° N.


Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo Organizing Committee

April, 2017