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Introduction of OPSA

OPSA is short for Online Pre-scheduled Appointment, which is a dedicated system provided by the organizing committee (OC) of Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo (HLITE) to exhibitors and invited buyers for online appointment. After signing in the system, exhibitors and invited buyers are able to know the potential customers’ information in advance, then make appointment to meet them. During the exhibition, exhibitors and buyers can have meeting with pre-appointed customers accordingly

The Advantage of OPSA

OPSA provides a convenient and quick business online platform for both exhibitors and buyers, which helps both sides to get adequate understanding of their potential customers, thus largely reduces the distance between exhibitors and buyers, with productivity much improved in the exhibition.

Eligibility of OPSA

OPSA is open to all exhibitors and invited buyers.

For normal buyers they must meet the following qualifications to be accepted by OPSA.

ACore business must be tourism relevant.

BHaving the purchasing power

CDo have the intention to purchase

Invited buyers should complete certain number of meetings in the exhibition. All attendees’ registration should be approved by organizer. Only approved attendees are able to sign in and use OPSA. Organizer shall notify the successfully-registered attendees.

The application of OPSA

Attendees shall submit their registration form with regard to the overall information of exhibitors and invited buyers, such as detailed contact, company overview, products & services provided or interested, all of which shall be recorded by the system and browsed by other attendees.

Two weeks before Expo, attendees could sign in and select customers they prefer to meet and submit their priority appointment. OPSA shall automatically match the attendees’ submitted choices and arrange the meeting between buyers and exhibitors.

The use of OPSA


Obtain Username and Password

Having confirmed you as the exhibition’s invited buyer, the organizing committee shall send you the OPSA username and password.

The Sign-in of OPSA System

Firstly key in the URL in the address bar of the IE browser. When the page is loaded, key in the given username and password in USERID and PASSWORD blanks respectively, and then enter the system.

After sign-in the system, you are required to fill in your information, and check whether any typo, or the filled information is completed, and then save the information, please fill in with both English and Chinese language, so that exhibitors can browse easily.

The Operation of Pre-scheduled Appointment System

How to make appointment with exhibitors

After entering the system, click Search Exhibitors, and you will see the list of all exhibitors, click the name of each exhibitor, you will read its relevant information. If you intend to make an appointment with the listed exhibitors, click Available and you will see the exhibitor’s available time to book, you can click Available to complete the appointment according to the available time slot. You can check the successfully appointed exhibitors’ list in My Schedule.

How to cancel appointment

If you want to cancel the appointment with the exhibitor, you need to sign in the system, click My Schedule to enter the appointed exhibitors’ list, find the exhibitor and click Cancel a Reservation.

Check and Print out the Name List of Appointed Exhibitors

If you want to check and print out the name list of appointed exhibitors, sign in the system and click My Schedule, then you can see all successfully appointed exhibitors’ list, click Export and you can export to an excel file for printing.

Accept/Reject Exhibitors intended to meet with you

How to check exhibitors’ invitation and reject/accept, you can follow below steps:        

After entering the system, click My News, and then click Reservation Message, the list of exhibitors intended to meet with you will appear, you can click View besides each exhibitor, it will display the exhibitor’s detailed information, and at the bottom, there’re Accept and Refuse buttons, you might make choice on your own discretion.

OPSA system allows both exhibitors and buyers to change the appointment in a certain period of time, after which, no change shall be entertained. During this period, you should sign in the system regularly, and check the status of appointment. After the deadline, you may print out the confirmed OPSA as reference.

How to make online appointment with buyers

After entering the system click Search Buyer, and you will find the buyers’ list, click each of the buyer’s name, you can find the buyer’s relevant information. If you have intention to appoint with buyers in the list, click Check Box (multiple choice), and click the Invitations button on the lower right corner, then wait buyers’ confirmation. In My Invitation, you can view the list of successfully appointed buyers and can export.

How to send message to buyers and check the message

After entering the system, click Search Buyer, and you can see the list of buyers, click each buyer’s name, you can find the buyer’s relevant information. If you send message to buyers in the list, click Message after the name of the buyer, fill in the information and directly send out. In My Messages, you can view the messages sent by the buyers.

How do exhibitors open and close time slot for appointment

After entering the system, click My Schedule, you can view the list, there are Close and Closed two status under the State button. Close indicates that this time slot is available for appointment, Close indicates that this time slot is not available. Buttons under the Population are set to control the number of appointed buyers in this time slot. There’re three status, 10, 20 and unlimited, exhibitors can choose the number of buyers to appoint in this time slot according to their own time.