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2017 Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo Exhibitors Preferential Policies

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Thank you very much for your support on this expo, so the organizing committee makes some preferential policies to support your participation. Please check the following information:

If exhibitors order indoor raw space more than 36 m2, you can share preferential policies as follow:

1 Favorable Price & Important Activities

1Reservation booth before August 31st, the booth fee can enjoy 30% discount;

2Inviting the leader of your group to attend the welcome dinner of the leisure expo;

3Inviting the leader of your group as important guest to attend the Forum;

4Assisting exhibitors in priority to invite the member of Hainan Tourism Association to attend the promotion meetings and other related activities organized by exhibitors;

5Inviting the leader of your group to attend the opening ceremony of the Leisure Expo;

2 Holistic Advertisement & Marketing

Presenting 2 advertisement pages of the exhibition catalogue;

3 Reception arrangement

Organizing committee will afford one person’s reception expenditure (the leader of your group), including transportation, accommodation, meals and field visits during the expo in Hainan.

Note: The above clause interpretation owned by Hainan World Leisure Expo Organizing Committee, We reserve the right to adjust the policy according to the actual situation.